Paraclete XP

After Brazil we headed straight up to North Carolina. It has been an interesting trip to say the least. We started by flying a little with Ray and other members of the staff up there. Was really cool and motivating to see all the different styles of flying. Most impressive maybe was to fly with Alex V. It gives me a lot of hope for the sport to see a 18 year old fly that Awesome and at the same time it is a super energy boost to keep pushing to get better.

We also had time to build a new routine with Raph and Julien from Team 4 Speed. Was totally insane again this time. They are so skilled, focused and awesome to fly with and stuff started coming together pretty quick. Was pretty hard on our bodies though. Both me and Alex fucked our fingers (bruised, sprained and dislocated), and during the week I dont think I have seen so many collisions in a wind tunnel in general. I guess we need to start wearing protective gear or slow down a little.

Unfortunately the injuries prevented us from flying as much as we had planned with the Bodyflyers from Germany, but we got a few good days in and was nice to see how motivated they were to learn the 4-way artistic blocks.

Tomorrow we are off to Montreal. Gonna do a week of flying with the crew up there before heading back to Europe!