Flying with the french Canadiens!!!!

So the epic journey is coming to an end. Brazil was amazing, Paraclete was inspiring and painful and Monteral was quite a surprise. I was here in June and since then I guess more or less everything has changed. Looks like people really stuck to the kind of flying we were doing then and have been training hard. Was very positively surprized by the lever. Like in Paraclete there are some super young amazing flyers here. I got to mention JC and Guillaume in particular. They have it totally figured out and I cannot wait to come back and follow them around.

Probably the coolest thing on the trip, besides flying with a lot of new faces, was building this routine with Philippe, JC and Richard. They were really stoked on the 4 way artistic divepool I have been working on and this was the first time we filmed “the backshuffler” and flew it really nice.

So the moves are from beginning:

Inface cross, Backshuffler, Cardshuffler, Elevator, Advanced Wheels, Outface Cross, JuJu and staller as finish! The 2 way is me and Guillaume!

Off to Bottrop today!