New helmet!!!


So finally I got my new helmet. Was a few bumps along the way but finally done. Basically, Bruno from Canadian freefly team Rise and Shine does super nice custom airbrush helmets. When I was in Montreal coaching them in June we started talking about different ideas! Bruno did a supernice job and shipped it to Germany. When it finally arrived the customs took it and shipped it back. On the way back to Canada it got cracked into lots of different pieces! Fuck man! I mean if they break a helmet, what is gonna survive the mail these days. So he started all over and I picked it up when I was there.

It is a Cookie G3. If anyone is interested in doing something similar check out Bruno´s webpage

Besides this me and Alex are now back freezing our asses off in Germany! Gonna go to Manchester for the weekend with the finns. Then back for the rest of Feb!