Super nice flying!

So! We have been working on making a divepool for the dynamic freefly we have been doing for the past year. More and more people have wanted to get into this kind of flying and that forced us to start naming and numbering moves to be able to organize the flying.

The divepool now cosists of 5 lines, 5 tricks and 10 moves. Lines and tricks give 1 pt while moves give 2. We also created a line system for the tunnel that the flyers have to follow when they fly. This way you have to fly the move as it is supposed to be flown and it limits cheating. Speed and ability to fly smooth is key.

Filip flew in on monday night. So me, Alex Martin and him did 1 hour and 15 minutes monday night. Was really cool to fly the divepool many times. The line system made it even cooler. Plan is to release a video for the divepool so people can start to train it. We will probably do a test competition during The Nordic Meet to test rules and if the divepool works. Then probably do an awesome competition in Bottrop just before Christmas 2012.

This is cool to