BoogieMan Factory!

Since all my team mates are either having babies, getting masters degrees or going to Voss an opportunity opened itself to do the World Challenge with Killa from Volare. Quite excited about that and hoping to do good.

So took my car and drove to England. On the way I stopped by the Boogie Man Factory. We have been sponsored by them for 5 years now. So it was about time to stop by. Was really nice to see their new factory and to hang out with Fabien and other friends in Paris. They are super active. Was full on action all day. First the factory, then some food, then some climbing, then some bars only to finish off with a Scooter tour around Paris at night! Boom.

Boogieman are making some really interesting suits these days. Specially interrested in the model they are developing together with Martin and Filip. So I took the chance to order one for me and Killa to test them out. Hopefully they turn out good for the World Challenge!

Here are some photos from the factory!

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Thanks to everyone at BoogieMan for having me over and to Fabien and Antoine for showing me around and giving me a place to stay!