Bodyflight Challenge has began

The Bodyflight challenge is about to begin while Im writting this post. This year lot of ultra skilled teams take part and the general level is really high. Lot of team can potentialy win, and I actually feel bad for the judges, they will have a very hard time to make fair decision regarding the free round routines. But who ever will win it’s really nice to see the sport growing up that big, that fast. The future of freefly will be more and more exciting.
I can’t wait to see what Håvard and “mad dog” Mattacola will perform.
Also Alex Verner and Josh D’Annunzio, a young team from Paraclete XP. They already have a big experience in competition and can fly insane “american tricks”, I saw them train last January, pretty amazing.
I also had the chance to see what Jean Phi Ricordeau and Greg Va Den Eynden prepared for the challenge, awesome team work with few really cool moves.
And of course Martin Kristensen and Filip Crnjakovic my favorite team (really subjective choice) who will fly a really sharp and powerful routine in a perfect “Bottrop” style.
If you want a small preview of what’s going on right now in Bedford, Martin posted the routine they will fly for the compet.