Living the DREAM

I just came back from work… but today it’s very special. That was my last day working as instructor in Indoor Skydive Bottrop. Two years after my first time coaching by Mox&Håvard and more than one year working “full time” in chimney city. When I look what pushed me in life until I got this job, Im pretty amazed that I could spent so much time, in such place, playing in a small box of concrete and glass. But the most amazing in that, is all the things that bring into my life. So that actually the purpose of this post, I really want to thanks the people involved in what happened to me this last months.

January 2010, first time in Bottrop, and already a little bit Skywalkers.
First of all Boris Nebe who offered me this life changing opportunity. If you know him and the story of the tunnel, you know how much this very inspiring person deserve the title of “best boss ever”. Then Steffi Liller who is doing an amazing job in the shade. Without her, the success of this tunnel would not be the same. And of course all the instructors and the office staff who had to deal with my “special” character.
Next, all the students who trust me to coach them, and with I had such a good time and rich moments. I don’t know so much job where you can build friendship with your “costummers”. I know they will recognize themself !!!
I also really want to thanks all the great flyers and friends who could see my potential and trust me in projects that I would never imagine to be able to do few months ago. Martin Kristensen, Fred Fugen&Vince Reffet, Raph&Juju from 4speed, Petter Jonsson…
And to conclude, two very very special thanks. Of course you can easy guess the first one: Håvard&Kristian who were and still are the best support ever. Before I met them I would never let someone influence that deep my life, and it looks like it was a good choice.
And also my “master Miyagi” Filip Crjnakovic for the countless hours of coaching and discussion about flying, I could never reach my current flying and coaching skills without this incredible friend to show me the way.

December 2010, painting the briefing room with Mox, begging Boris everyday for a job

Now it’s time to begin a new life style, to play in the sky, go back running in the mountain and jump some big cliffs, travel a lot and share with my friends all the good things life can offer us. And of course I’m more than ever insanely motivate to coach as much as I can to spread the low speed pedagogie and the dynamic flying… and maybe, one day, lead someone in his progression until he can feel the “waves”….. Yes believe me, it’s no because I watched too much Point Break, they are “waves” in a wind tunnel.