Winter time: such a boring life !!!

Additional information:

All the camps in Bottrop are one on one coaching. Except the 12th/16th december: It’s just before the Battle of Bottrop,  so this camp is dedicated to do some 4way with Havard, Raph and Juju (4speed) my team mates for the battle.

The camps in Eloy will be in collaboration with Håvard, Petter Jönsson and Matt Hill (Krystal). This is a mixed tunnel and skydive camp. The plan is to do some “Nordic Meet” kind of flying: no holding hands 🙂 Only 8 slots per camp: one coach for two students !!! more info here.

St Petersburg:
in November: one on one coaching, contact Bjørnar Knutsen for more info
in march: one on one coaching but I’ll be there with Håvard, so dynamic 4way is possible.

Feel free to write me for whatever you want: more info, more dates or just to say Hello.