Me and Håvard just came back from a Dynamic work shop in Eloy and a week of traning in Paraclete XP. We had the chance to fly with lot of different flyers, multiple world champion with years of experience, super skilled new school flyer, tunnel rats with thousands and thousands hours of tunnel, and some really commited students…. it’s so nice to see so much excitement and positive energy around the D4W concept. As soon as people start to fly it, they are hooked !!!

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And play with the paraclete staff in the 16feet was KING. There is a very special energy in this place, same as Bottrop in matter of dedication towards flying but mainly focus on tricks, instead lines. It was also the perfect place and time to experiment the new D4W dive pool, rich from all the “Battle of Bottrop” experience and from countless hours of talking with lot of flyers, the new dive pool is technical and fun, everything connect in a smart way and make total sense. We’ll be ready soon to release it.

Today we are back in Bottrop, flying with students and David & Aurel from the Bottrop Bulls, it feels so nice to be back “Home”  in the cleanest, smoothest tunnel ever. Thank you Bottrop Thank you !!!

Here a short clip with myself doing random stuff….