www.D4W.net is born !!!

metal&blue&light effect 1080Hello!
The last two years has been the most creative of my life, for sure. Slowly but steadily developing D4W as a discipline has been a privilige to take part of. It has brought me closer to my friends and made my fly a lot better.

D4W.net has a purpose, to show what is possible in the sport of skydiving and windtunnel flying. The site is not here for us, it is here for the athletes. We want to promote them and promote the events we organize. How. First of all we want to work with people that want to do something awesome for the sport. We want to organize kick ass events and keep developing the discipline.

Important key factors:-New competition concept
-Live judging

Maybe the biggest challenge will be to get people to work together. The sport needs more athletes. Now is the time to start teams, train, organize events, share experiences and learn to really fly.

Have fun!

Off to Australia with Alex