The Skywalkers are back !!!

The D4W project has been so demanding in time and energy, it’s almost a year ago that I took the time to write on this blog. Quite a lot happened this year, the D4W concept is now a discipline that’s recognized world wide and it’s definitely time for me to step away from the organization and get back into the game.

skywalkers vs joyriders

Next step: CharleWars competition at Airspace, the brand new wind tunnel in Belgium. What could possibly be better than a competition with a Star Wars theme to reunite the Skywalkers?! Also let me introduce David Reader, he is part of the new school generation of flyers. Which means ultra talented, flying fast lines with cool tricks all over the place and he’s joining me Havard and Kristian for the comp.

If you don’t know Dave yet, you should check out this video made at Voss Vind: