Golden Brown

Alex and I took some time out this month to do some jumps for ourselves and work on some individual skills at Gryttjom earlier this month. There was definitely a learning curve to put some moves from the tunnel into the sky but it was a steep one and feeling how quickly it translated was awesome.

We were lucky with the weather as well, while everyone at Vector Festival was sat on wind hold we were enjoying blue skies and getting to see some incredible sunsets over the lakes around the dropzone. The colors from those views are where this short video of our jumps takes its name.


It was literally a blast..

to be back with my buddies in the air! Five years without competing with the Skywalkers it felt good to be training again. In the last couple of months we did about 18 hours of flying leading up to the comp at Airspace.


Before the comp Domi organized a workshop to make rules for dynamic 2-way and also to make changes to the existing 4-way divepool and tournament concept. It was amazing to see how involved everybody got and how much work was done!

For the new divepool feels a lot better to fly, it is fast and smooth, and still challenging. For more info about the new divepool, check out updates on

When it came to training and building the free routine, all credit go to David Reader. He had all the ideas and choreographed a super nice routine for us to fly. In the end we ended up 3rd, after Chubafly (1st) and Hurricane Factory (2nd). Congrats!!

Thanks for the flying guys, looking forward to the next session! Thanks to Cookie helmets and Boogie Man for sorting us out with gear, and Voss Vind and Airspace for the best training facilities in the world.

Thank you Håvard, Alex and Dave! Lets do it again!



The Skywalkers are back !!!

The D4W project has been so demanding in time and energy, it’s almost a year ago that I took the time to write on this blog. Quite a lot happened this year, the D4W concept is now a discipline that’s recognized world wide and it’s definitely time for me to step away from the organization and get back into the game.

skywalkers vs joyriders

Next step: CharleWars competition at Airspace, the brand new wind tunnel in Belgium. What could possibly be better than a competition with a Star Wars theme to reunite the Skywalkers?! Also let me introduce David Reader, he is part of the new school generation of flyers. Which means ultra talented, flying fast lines with cool tricks all over the place and he’s joining me Havard and Kristian for the comp.

If you don’t know Dave yet, you should check out this video made at Voss Vind:


New toy


After few unsuccessful attempts:



I finally make my choice:photoBig thank to TONFLY for the support.

Talking about playing, Im currently having a MEGA time with Mikey Carpenter, Matt Hill and Jim Harris at Skydive Spain: 15000ft, two dornier, perfect weather for almost a month now, on top of that Fun shine, Big way skill camp aKa Big shine, and still few more days to go with the floquential…. Told you: MEGA

Next step: edit a highlight video of those two weeks, then a quick stop at Bottrop and finally find a way to grow a beard before Voss Vahlalla !!!


Funny Farm Lite

Ok so that gonna be pretty hard to not fall into the cliche “Im having the time of my life…. blablabla…. great country….. blablabla…. so much fun…. blabla…. awesome people”

So just check out the video I filmed and edited in collaboration with Christian Whyte during the Funny Farm Lite and you’ll understand.

By the way the video was projected the last day of the event, I’ve just been too much busy surfing with Håvard and hang out with dolphins…. getting ready for the HEAVY version of the Funny Farm in couple of week !!!