Dynamic Freefly tunnel camps

Dynamic Freefly (DF) is a discipline that more and more freeflyers are showing interest in. We have been fortunate to travel around the world and develop this new discipline with other top flyers around the world. DF is a great way to take your flying to the next level. If you can fly all dimentions, eagles and carving both directions inface and outface, or if you are very close to this, these camps are perfect for you.

We have developed a divepool for you to learn. This divepool can be flown as a two way with an instructor and then later be flown in a 4-way or 6-way. This way you will very soon find yourself sharing time with other flyers and thereby doing the most fun and advanced flying of your life for a much cheaper price.

We are also planning to organize the first Dynamic Freefly competition at Indoor Skydive Bottrop just before Christmas 2012. We are currently working on perfecting the divepool and developing a set of rules for the competition that will contain both free rounds and speed rounds. As work progresses on this information will be posted here on this website. Key factors will be smooth and controlled flying combined with speed and creativity.

4 way is a great way to push your skill to a new level, to learn how to fly clean and smooth lines, to work with your team mates to build a routine and set traning strategy to achieve it. On top of that, 4way make tunnel fly cheaper. Below you will find a video of Håvard coaching the crew at Skyventure Montreal in January 2012. The routine came as a result of a week of flying together.

Below this a video of Dima from the Ukraine who tok a big step working with us on the divepool over 5 hours of tunnel time.

Stay tuned for information about Dynamic Freefly tunnelcamps for 2012/13 here!