Kristian Moxnes

If you are interested, here is a very short summary of my life. I grew up in my favorite city Oslo. Close to nature, but at the same time the variety a big city has to offer. During school I did lots of sports, but once I started skydiving at the age of 17 there was no looking back. I got completly hypnothized by this sport; with its physics, its challenges, its people and its possibilities.

I finished school and continued to jump as I enrolled at the University of Oslo. Since then my life has been twofold; studying psychology and jumping out of planes. I finished my bachelor’s degree in psychology during the time I was competing for the national team in Freeflying (between 2004 and 2009). In 2008 our team Skywalkers got 2. place at the World Meet, an acheivement unparellelled in norwegian skydiving history. After finishing competition skydiving in 2009 I finished my master degree in work- and organizational psychology at the University of Oslo this year (2013).

Currently, I am living in Oslo with my beautiful wife Anna and our dog Moppy. I am still involved in the sport as a coach, instructor, event-organizer, and athlete, but also looking for jobs outside of skydiving. Hopefully I can find a good balance between the two.

If you are still scrolling, these are the airsport stats:
Skydives: 6500’ish
Basejumps: 150’ish
Speedride flights: Dont know, a few of hundred?
Tunneltime: A few hundred hours
Best experience: I have a lot of good experiences, very hard to pick just one. But every time i do something that is difficult for me, and I have to concentrate 100%, and then succeed, that is when I have the best experience. Everything is gone in those moments, everything is flowing and I feel in control. It is a chap escape from reality but a very nice one 🙂